About Me and About Angylaidd

I am a tenacious, motivated mother of two (Gracie, 11, and Patrick, 8) who has just completed her dream to start writing novels. As an MD with experience in both pediatrics and radiology, I bring a somewhat unique flavor to my writing. I also have degrees in Developmental Psychology (Master’s, Harvard, 1999), and Biology and “The Cultural and Intellectual History of Europe,” an Independent major (Bachelor’s, Wellesley, 1993). In my free time, I love to read (of course), spend time outside (preferably with my family), swim, ski, and write. I am a lamentable cook, but am fortunate enough to have married a wonderful man who keeps me well nourished. (Thanks, Brian!)

I have always loved European history – the flow of ideas through Europe from the so-called “Dark Ages” through the Reformation and Renaissance straight through to today fascinates me. In particular, I enjoy learning about the history of the UK, although I will likely turn my attention to Italy next.

The combination of interests in European History and Science have meshed to help create the basis for a new series of novels. In this series, I will use an organization (now called the Welsh Legion of God, housed in Castle Corwyn in Wales) formed by Eleanor of Aquitaine with the assistance of the Archangel Michael. The goal of the Legion is to train scholars, leaders, and military for Armageddon – and to fight some battles with evil along the way. Members – either scholars or Brethren – each have unique talents that they carry with them to complete their assignments. They also must often travel through time to train or complete their assignments.

In the first novel, Angyliadd: The Dark Resurrection, we meet Daniel D’Eyrie, a newly raised Brother. Daniel’s talent lies in telepathic manipulation and attack – he can affect the thoughts, feelings, and sensations of others from a distance. But Daniel also has the ability to change neuroanatomy, making him a singular weapon.

We also meet Arwein Angyliadd, half man, half angel, raised from the Brethren by Michael the Archangel, who now leads the Legion; Elizabeth Tudor, the future Queen of England, whom Daniel must guard (in 1547); Thomas Morgan, former Brethren, now turned by the evil Archangel Tywyll and working for evil; and Francis Walsingham and William Cecil, who will go on to act as advisors to Queen Elizabeth, but here work with Daniel on his assignment. Finally, we meet Megan D’Eyrie, 8 year old daughter of Daniel, who must come to Corwyn at a young age, and who shows extraordinary and unique talents.

The second book, Angyliadd: Demi-Angel’s Son, details the history of Daniel and Arwein, and how Daniel arrived at Corwyn. Daniel is tracked by the evil Demi-Angel Tywyll, and must face him repeatedly through some of history’s famous battles as Tywyll attempts to Turn him to evil. We track Daniel through the Battle of Flodden Field to sixteenth century Rheims, and finally to Bosworth, where torn loyalties nearly kill him.

Both books are now complete and undergoing final preparations for submission.

Please see my new author website, https://www.facebook.com/JuliaCHoover, where I will post some regular items of amusement. I also post items that will never see the light of bookstore publication on Fanfiction, Fanpress, and Archive of Our Own.

I welcome any questions or comments you may have. Thanks for reading!



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