Late November

Hello, everyone!

I am furiously writing, editing, and acting as beta – I’ve reposted the latest Ch 1 for Angyliadd #1 / The Dark Resurrection, but it is not the final version yet. It is coming! ūüôā


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On Set I

“Cut! Cut!!!” The short director strode onto the set. ‘Daniel’ sighed and rubbed the bridge of his nose as he shook his head. ‘Arwein’ flew testily out of the burgundy¬†Humera Khan¬†chair that had become his during their short month of shooting. “I can not – I can NOT- work like this. Geoffrey, you said you had this taken care of!” He testily went and picked up a large Starbuck’s Latte and took a deep swallow. “Where’s my biscotti?! For Pete’s sake, did someone take my biscotti?” He rummaged through a large paper bag.

‘Daniel’ walked up behind him. “Calm down, Chris, look. Geoffrey’s dealing with it now.”

Chris looked up and then back into the bag as he continued rummaging through the bag. “ALL I ask is a little re-…”

“NIMOY! Get off the set! This is not your… Look, man, I’m sorry, but…” (To Be Continued.)

A Little Nothing for Escaping the Hospital….

“Daniel”, the nurse said, “it’s time.”

Daniel looked up. *Past time,* he thought. “All right.” He gingerly scooted to the edge of the bed, thinking about how it didn’t really seem to him that he felt all that much *better*, really. It wasn’t long before he knew he wasn’t alone. He sighed: it was inevitable, and he really *didn’t* want to walk back to his quarters alone at any rate. He looked up, preparing to steel himself for his adoptive father’s tolerant smile, but found instead –
“Elizabeth.” He was happy to see her; that couldn’t be denied, but…
“Arwein said I might come. Here,” she gave Daniel a new polished oak walker, “let me help. How are you feeling?”
“Grateful. Very, very grateful. Blessed. Take it how you will. Are you here to stay?”
Elizabeth looked uncertain for the first time that Daniel could remember. “I don’t know, Daniel. Walk with me.” They proceeded toward the doors and out into the halls. “I want to stay.
But there’s a lot of work to do.”
Daniel stopped and smiled. “Elizabeth…,” he said, “when isn’t there a lot of work to do?”
“And there’s Arwein,” she continued.
“Mm. Arwein *IS*¬†pretty upset. Getting murdered by a Satanic Archangel can do that to you.”
“Well, he wasn’t exactly…”
“All right. But it was *Morgan*, not Tywyll.”
Daniel started walking again. “If you want him on your good side, you need to get…”
“Honest.” Daniel jerked as the voice of the party under discussion joined them. Arwein looked much thinner since his ordeal, and older, too, but somewhat less quick to pass judgement than he had been. In his arms was a small girl of about eight or nine with golden curls and denim overalls. Like her grandfather, she had the appearance of having lost a great deal of weight in a short time.¬†“Elizabeth,” Arwein addressed the woman at Daniel’s side, “I see you found him.”
¬†The little girl scrambled down from her grandfather’s arms and ran to her father’s side, pushing up on the oaken crossbars of the walker.¬†“Daniel!!! Are you coming home?”
Daniel looked down at his daughter and smiled. “Yes, Megan, it’s time for us all to be together again.” He looked up at Arwein before adding, “Don’t you think, sir?”
Arwein considered the trio before him gravely before nodding and saying, “I think some walks and dinners might be in order before any permanent changes in address are… Undertaken. But… Yes.” Shifting his gaze back to Daniel, he said, “Let’s get you settled back in your quarters; I’ve had you and Megan moved into the suite by mine. Relax for a while, and I’ll see you for a round of gin tonight.”
*Good grief. Never anything by halves.* Daniel nodded.
“‘Bye, Grandpa!” Megan called after Arwein as he turned to go, Robes billowing behind him.
“Goodbye, Megan. Tell Fynn to watch his claws – they’re tearing up my rugs.”
Megan turned back to see Daniel and Elizabeth staring at each other. “So, you’re some kind of *Queen*, or something? That’s cool.” Megan started walking towards their new apartments, and Daniel and Elizabeth could only follow.